Modern Procurement and Contracting Principles Course

  • Course Goal

  • Course Objectives
    • Provide staff with an overview of ICB and LCB procedures,
    • Provide an overview of various procurement/contracting modalities and the benefits/disadvantages of each
    • Ensure staff develops an awareness of value-for-money concerns and the advantage of open competitive bid practices
    • Emphasize the importance of procurement strategy development and the necessity for clear terms of reference/specifications.
    • Provide staff with solid contract administration skills and a capacity for risk assessment/ management.

  • Course Content
    • Principles of public sector procurement
    • Steps in the procurement process
    • Risk management and analysis
    • Procurement planning
    • Scope of work definition
    • Supply Chain assessment
    • Solicitation Documents
    • Types of contracts and contract selection
    • Approval process and transparency
    • Contract administration
    • International Procurement Agents
    • Standard forms of documents
    • Accounting practices, user charges, cost recovery and auditing overview.

  • Target Population

  • Language

  • Course Duration