Flight Permission Officer Course

  • Course Goal
    The course aims at acquainting participants with the required knowledge, skills and attitude to flight permission requests / notifications efficiently and effectively in accordance with applicable national and international prescribed standards and procedures.

  • Course Objectives
    Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
    • Specify the main aspect of air transport development
    • Understand the methods of flight clearances and types of flights.
    • Manage scheduled flight permission request.
    • Handle commercial non-scheduled flight request.
    • Deal with and follow up diplomatic and urgent flight permission.

  • Course Content
    • Introduction to civil aviation and air transport industry development.
    • International Civil Aviation Organization foundation
    • ICAO Annexes and relevant documents.
    • Freedoms of the air.
    • Types of air service; passengers & cargo.
    • Flight permission requirements for scheduled operation.
    • Flight permission requirements for commercial non-scheduled operations; additional, extra, charter, private flights.
    • Arrangements for diplomatic and urgent flights
    • Flight permission forms and approvals.
    • Concerned parties in flight permission
    • Coordination regarding Slot allocation
    • Nongovernment Organizations ( IATA, ACAC, AACO, CANSO….)
    • Air Transport Liberalization Regulations & open sky policy.

  • Target Population
    This course is designed for airport middle management, flight permissions staff, air transport staff, ground operation and passenger service agents, with several years of experience in civil aviation and air transport industry

  • Language

  • Course Duration
    Five Days