Flight Permission & Slot Allocation Management Course

  • Course Goal
    This 60-hour, two-week course aims at acquainting participants with the up-to-date Air Transport Facilitation concepts of flight permission & slot allocation management and all local and int’l regulation in this regard. Also enhancing participants’ skills, knowledge and capabilities so as to cope with the recent development in issues related to air transport industry such as; flight permission, aircraft documents, slot management and facilitation services in the international airports.

  • Course Objectives
    Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to :
    • Understand the methods of flight permission facilities.
    • Understand slot allocation management.
    • Acquire basic knowledge about required operation documents for the flights.
    • Distinguish between commercial and non- commercial flights.
    • Familiarize participants with new technology and new development in the field of flight permission & slot allocation management.

  • Course Content
    • Air Transport Principles & Historical Background.
    • Chicago Convention 1944 and other international conventions and agreements.
    • Flight Permission requirement for different types of flights.
    • Slot Allocation Management coordination between air transport and airport agents
    • The Regulation of Flight Permission for Scheduled Flights and Non-scheduled Flights.
    • Regional and International Aviation Organizations (ICAO, ACI,ACAC, AACO IATA.. etc).
    • Air Transport Traffic Rights – Bilateral Air Service Agreements.
    • Air Transport Liberalization & Privatization / International Trend.
    • Airports Commercialization & Privatization.

  • Target Population
    This course is designed for air transport staff, flight permission staff , airport slot management staff, airport ground operation staff, ground handling services staff, and flight service providers staff.

  • Language

  • Course Duration
    two weeks (60 hour)