Senior Civil Aviation Management

  • Course Goal

  • Course Objectives

  • Course Content
    WEEK 1
    • Overview of air transportation
    • The business plan
    • Development of the course integration exercise
    • Introduction to financial management
    • Capital investment evaluation
    • Working in teams
    • Fees and charges: ICAO and Document 9082, policies on charges for airport and Air Navigation Services
    • Economic regulation
    • Aviation policy
    • Commercialization, private sector participation and privatization
    • Time management
    WEEK 2
    • The regulatory framework
    • CAA activities
    • The Civil Aviation Master Plan (CAMP)
    • Managing the CAA
    • ICAO CNS/ATM and the transition to performance-based systems, ICAO Doc 9750, Global Air Navigation Plan for CNS/ATM Systems
    • Presentation skills
    • ICAO Doc 9859 AN/474 Safety Management Manual (SMM) and ICAO Safety Management System (SMS)
    • The impact of technology and infrastructure planning
    • Quality management (ISO 9000:2000, ISO 9000:2008, and ISO 9001:2008)
    • Airport certification
    • Aircraft airworthiness and air carrier certification
    • Course integration exercise team work and presentations

  • Target Population
    Primary Target Population: 
    Secondary Target Population:

  • Language

  • Course Duration
    10 days (60 hours)
    Recommended level: Professional and Management
    Prerequisites: None