Civil Aviation Management Course

  • Course Goal
    This ten day course focuses on the latest trends and market needs to examine strategies for Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs). Learn how to plan and execute the delivery of efficient, effective and sustainable civil aviation regulatory and operational services to meet national air transportation policies and objectives. You will work in teams to resolve problems and issues, applying the concepts and principles learned during the course.

  • Course Objectives
    This course is recommended for:
    • Experienced managers to Director General level in Civil Aviation Authorities and regulators, Ministries, Airport Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers
    • Individuals aspiring to senior management responsibilities in Civil Aviation Authorities.

  • Course Content
    WEEK 1
    • Overview of air transportation
    • The business plan
    • Introduction to financial management
    • Capital investment evaluation
    • Fees and charges: ICAO and Document 9082, policies on charges for airport and Air Navigation Services
    • Economic regulation
    • Aviation policy
    • Commercialization, private sector participation and privatization
    • Time management
    • Visit to ICAO (when the course is held in Montreal)

    WEEK 2
    • The regulatory framework
    • CAA activities
    • The Civil Aviation Master Plan (CAMP)
    • Managing the CAA
    • ICAO CNS/ATM and the transition to performance-based systems, ICAO Doc 9750, Global Air Navigation Plan for CNS/ATM Systems
    • Presentation skills
    • ICAO Doc 9859 AN/474 Safety Management Manual (SMM) and ICAO Safety Management System (SMS)
    • The impact of technology and infrastructure planning
    • Airport certification
    • Aircraft airworthiness and air carrier certification

  • Target Population
    Primary Target Population: 
    Secondary Target Population:

  • Language

  • Course Duration
    Ten days.