DataFlex Content Manager

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Product Information

Manage your own website! 

After the first excitement of having your website designed is over, you are facing the repetitious work of changing text, publishing pictures and product information - maintaining your website. 

Wouldnt it be nice if you didnt have to rely on the availabilty of your webdesigner to make these changes to the content? Instead, authorize your assistant, or even better: Change things yourself, quickly and easily? 

You can - with DataFlex Content Manager! 

Edit your own text, it is as simple as typing a letter in your favorite word-processor. And whats so good about it, you can do this from any place in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet, and Internet Explorer or Firefox to login. 
Add pictures, create links to external URLs, or to other pages in your site. Click here to see how this page was made. 
Both Menus and pages are created dynamically. The time-line engine supports Activation, De-Activation or scheduling (from date to date) of each item. 

In DataFlex Content Manager there is no limit to the number of web pages, levels of depth in site structure, number of authors for a site. There is no limit to the location from where you maintain the site, and there is no limit to those viewing the site! 

If access is so easy, is this safe?.

DataFlex Content Manager allows you to allocate password controlled log-ins to your content authors. Based on these, your web site contributors will be able to carry out only those tasks appropriate to their role. These include permissions for creating pages, deleting pages, uploading images and files, etc

You can safely extend the task of contributing to your web site to any number of appropriate persons, who will not need to be skilled in HTML techniques. Uploading the images and downloadable files that go with the content is integrated into DataFlex Content Manager, with no need to manage a separate upload process, or compromise your web server security by allowing TCP/IP file transfer.